European Parliament set to vote on proposals to end geo-blocking

It will see the end to restricting services based on location

European Parliament set to vote on proposals to end geo-blocking

Image: © European Union 2016

Online buyers will have better cross-border access to products under new EU rules to be debated on Monday.

This will include greater access to hotel bookings, car rentals and concert tickets.

The rules say traders will have to treat online shoppers from another European Union country in the same way as local customers - by granting them access to the same prices or sales conditions.

The proposals will then be put to a final vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday.

The parliament says: "Geo-blocking and other geographically-based restrictions undermine online shopping and cross-border sales.

"Proposed in May 2016 as part of the Digital Single Market, the regulation to end unjustified geo-blocking was identified as a legislative priority for 2017.

An example of geo-blocking on a digital device | Image: © European Union 2016

"For citizens this means they will be able to buy their new electrical goods online, rent a car or get their concert tickets across borders as they do at home.

"It will ensure that they no longer face barriers such as being asked to pay with a debit or credit card issued in another country.

"For businesses, this means more legal certainty to operate cross-border."

Geo-blocking prevents online customers from accessing and purchasing products or services from a website based in another member state.

The draft regulation aims to remove discrimination based on customers' nationality, place of residence and place of establishment.