Enda Kenny denies Ireland is looking for special treatment at Climate Change conference

Earlier this week he was criticised for comments suggesting he would prioritise Irish agriculture over action on climate change

The Taoiseach says Ireland is not looking for special treatment when it comes to climate change and emission reduction targets.

The UN climate summit is taking place in Paris, where negotiations are underway about how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 40% by 2030.

Enda Kenny was among 150 world leaders who addressed the conference in France earlier this week.

He was subsequently criticised for his comments about Ireland prioritising economic recovery over environmental targets.

On Tuesday Kenny told reporters it is not realistic for Ireland's agriculture sector to meet the EU targets for cutting carbon emissions, and we would need "an approach towards carbon neutrality in the land sector that does not compromise our capacity for food production."

He also called the EU Commission's 2020 target of reducing 2005 levels of emissions by 20% "unreachable."

However today Enda Kenny said Ireland is committed to playing its part in reducing pollution and emissions:

He also said anyone who thinks Ireland is looking for special treatment when it comes to our reductions in emission levels is wrong: