EgyptAir cockpit voice recorder recovered in Mediterranean

Deep ocean vessel claims to have made the discovery of the crashed flight

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Image: Amr Nabil / AP/Press Association Images

The cockpit voice recorder from the EgyptAir plane that crashed last month has been found in the Mediterranean.

Egyptian investigators say that the "black box" was damaged and had to be pulled out in several stages but its memory unit was intact.

A search vessel with an underwater robot has been scouring the crash site.

The search team has identified a number of key locations where debris has been detected and has sent images to investigators.

The passenger jet crashed last month as it travelled from Paris to Cairo.

All 66 people on board died.

Former Aer Lingus Captain, Fintan Ryan, told Newstalk Breakfast investigators will be looking for evidence among the wreckage.

"For instance, there might be a hole in the side of the fuselage from where there might have been a bomb, or they might be able to see other signs of explosions, and they would be looking at the wreckage fields," he said. 

"That basically means that the wreckage is not just down in one place, it's down in several places, and this suggests that the aircraft might have broken up in mid-air."

Last month, Egyptian authorities said they believed terrorism is a more likely explanation than equipment failure, although no militant group has so far claimed to have downed the jet.