Ed Sheeran says he has 'not approved' use of song by pro-life campaigners

The pop star said the reported use of Small Bump 'does not reflect' what the song is about

Ed Sheeran says he has 'not approved' use of song by pro-life campaigners

Ed Sheeran. Picture by: Clemens Niehaus/Geisler-Fotopres/DPA/PA Images

Musician Ed Sheeran says he has not approved the use of one of his songs by pro-life campaigners.

The singer - who will perform the last of three Dublin gigs tonight - made the comment in an Instagram story.

Image: Instagram

His post followed reports that the song Small Bump was being used by anti-abortion campaigners in Dublin city centre ahead of next week's Eighth Amendment referendum.

It was not clear what group of pro-life campaigners used the song.

The 27-year-old singer insisted such use of the 2011 song "does not reflect what the song is about".

In the song from his debut album, Sheeran sings: "You're just a small bump unborn / In four months you're brought to life / You might be left with my hair / But you'll have your mother's eyes."

The song ends with the unnamed parents experiencing what appears to be a miscarriage, with the final lines stating: "You were just a small bump unborn / Just four months then torn from life / Maybe you were needed up there / But we're still unaware as why."

Sheeran will take to the stage at Phoenix Park again tonight for the third time this week, with tens of thousands more fans due to attend the sold-out gig.

The referendum on the Eighth Amendment takes place on Friday, May 25th.