Eamon Ryan calls for election debate on global warming in speech to party convention

Ryan said the Green Party are the only ones who can be trusted to deliver crucial environmental reform in Ireland

The Green Party leader has urged the Taoiseach to agree to an election debate on global warming.

At his party's convention Eamon Ryan told delegates that the Green message was more relevant and more important than ever.

In his speech he was critical of RTE's refusal to allow the Greens to take part in a televised leaders' debate during the election campaign.

However, Mr Ryan called on Enda Kenny to come and discuss global warming issues with his party:

In his address, Ryan also took aim at the "status quo" enforced by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, who refuse to acknowledge that a new type of economy is require by Ireland:

"Both Parties seem to think that adhering to the economic orthodoxy that held sway for the last thirty five years is still the only way to go. 

"They seem blind to the fact that the international financial crash in 2008 changed everything."

Citing French economist Thomas Picketty, Ryan stressed the need to address growing inequality across Europe.

He also said that the Green party is the only party that can be trusted to deliver the policies needed to combat climate change.