EU's chief Brexit negotiator to address Dáil next week

Michel Barnier has said he will pay "great attention to the situation in Ireland" during negotiations

EU's chief Brexit negotiator to address Dáil next week

Michel Barnier, EU's chief Brexit negotiator. Image: European Commission

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator is due to address the Dáil chamber next week.

Michel Barnier is expected to speak to a joint session of the Dáil on Seanad on Thursday morning as preparations get underway for Britain's departure form the European Union.

Speaking yesterday during his first press conference since Theresa May officially triggered Article 50, Mr Barnier said he will pay close attention to Ireland as discussions with the UK get underway.

Mr Bariner said: "These negotiations will be extraordinary. They are a source of concern for many citizens and many organisations. We need to respond by being transparent.

"We should put all our efforts towards reaching a deal. This is a spirit in which I, with the trust of the institutions and all Member States, will continue working."

Mr Barnier's comments came amid claims of worsening relations between British and European officials.

Yesterday, British Prime Minister Theresa May accused European politicians and officials of seeking to influence the result of the upcoming UK general election.

Mrs May appeared to reference the German newspaper report of a disastrous Brexit meeting between UK and EU representatives, stating: "Britain's negotiating position in Europe has been misrepresented in the continental press." 

Referring to Mrs May's suggestion that Jean-Claude Juncker will discover she is a "bloody difficult woman" during negotiations, the European Commission President observed: "I deeply respect the British Prime Minister; I like her as a person.

"I have noted that she is a tough lady – so this is not for the future, this is a real-time description."

Full Brexit negotiations are due to get underway following the British election on June 8th.