Polls close in Britain's EU referendum: How the results will unfold

An overall result is expected from 7.00am Friday

Counting is underway after polls in Britain's referendum to decide whether it should remain in or leave the European Union have closed.

A record number of voters - some 46.5 million - were eligible to take part in the referendum, according to figures from the UK Electoral Commission.

The country has been divided into 382 voting areas, each of which will declare its own result.

This is made of 380 local authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland counts as one area, as does Gibraltar.

The overall result for the whole of the UK will be announced in Manchester, likely on Friday morning, but only when all 382 areas have declared.

12.00am - First results expected. Unlikely to give much insight as its only votes from Gibraltar and the Isles of Scilly

12.30am - Sunderland and Newcastle results should start coming in. Population is over 600,000 here so it will be the first major centre

12.45am - City of London result. The most pro-EU district

1.00am - Oldham gives the northwest England result. Expected to be a 'Leave' majority

1.30am - Results will ramp up. Wales and Scotland results will start coming through

2.00am - Over 40 results will be in at this stage. London boroughs are expected around this time

2.30am - Results from Castle Point in Essex expected to be the biggest 'Leave' majority. Lambeth and Oxford expected and should be mainly 'Remain'

3.00am - Should be over one-third of the way through the results

3.30am - The halfway point of the results.
Areas like Lancaster, which is still divided 50/50 will announce their results, as well as Edinburgh. Boston, Lincolnshire

4.00am - Northern Ireland and Birmingham results due in

5.00am - Bigger city results should be coming through. The likes of Glasgow and Manchester, seen as influential results for the overall outcome

6.00am - Cornwall, Leeds and Bristol are due - the last of the big cities

7.00am - Last three results due to come in. Once this is done, Chief Counting Officer Jenny Watson will make the formal announcement in Manchester

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