Dog recovering after being shot in the neck in Dublin

The bullet has since been removed from the dog’s neck and she is recovering well

Dog recovering after being shot in the neck in Dublin

'Victoria.' Image: DSPCA

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has put out a call for information after a dog was shot in the neck with what appears to have been a handgun in the city.

DSPCA spokesperson Gillian Bird said a female German Shepherd was dropped into a vet in the Dublin 15 area last week with serious wounds.

Following an X-ray it was discovered that there was a bullet lodged in a deep wound in her neck – very close to her spine.

A spokesperson for the DSPCA said the bullet has since been removed and has been handed in to gardaí in Rathfarnham.

An X-ray revealing a foreign object lodged in the dog's neck. Image: DSPCA

The calibre of the bullet remains unknown, however the DSPCA said it has been advised that it was not from a shotgun – sometimes used by farmers – and is not from a pellet gun or air rifle.

Ms Bird said DSPCA inspectors are anxious to learn from the gardaí what type of weapon fired the bullet – and if there is any connection to any previous crimes.  

She said the dog has been named Victoria by DSPCA staff and is recovering well following her ordeal, although she is still very nervous:

“She is doing really, really well,” she said. “Her vet said that she was very lucky; it didn’t do any major damage when it went in, though it was very, very close to her spinal cord when it entered her body.”

She said called on anyone with any information to get in contact with DSPCA inspectors.

The bullet removed from the dog's neck. Image: DSPCA

“We would love, first of all, to find the owner of this dog because even though she is micro-chipped, the micro-chip was still registered to the breeder who didn’t know where the dog had gone,” she said.

“She is a couple of years old so she may have passed through a few hands.

“So obviously we would like the owner to come forward - but if anybody had any more information we would very much like to hear from people.”

Victoria is currently recovering at the DSPCA and will remain in care until an owner comes forward or a new home can be found for her.

You can contact the DSPCA Inspectors by email at