Should dogs be made to wear nappies?

Nappies are the only solution to out-of-control fouling, according to one councillor

Should dogs be made to wear nappies?

Image: Senior Pet Products

A Kerry County Councillor is calling for the development of dog nappies.

Councillor Michael O’Shea says a dog nappy, similar to those used for horses by Killarney jarvies, could be a solution to growing dog fouling problems within his constituency.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, Councillor O'Shea said the issue is widespread and that is has to be addressed.

"Last week, I was walking down O'Connell Street and there was people avoiding dog poo, in the middle of O'Connell Street, so don't tell me it's just in Kerry," he said. 

Acknowledging that most dog owners are very responsible in cleaning up after their pets in public, O'Shea said there is a minority within the wider public that leave their dogs roam freely which is adding to the issue

He called the Killarney jarvies initiative - also used in New York for hore and carriages - as a "win-win" for the environment and for business.

"Don't tell me it can't be enforced - it can be enforced. we've just go to do it. It's not acceptable any longer.

"You look at all the young people frequenting parks, and it's just so so dangerous and so unhealthy," he concluded.

Where can you get dog nappies in Ireland?

Two Irish retailers sell dog nappies online - get them from Pet Bliss here and Zooplus here.