Do you own this snake found in a tree in Ballybrack?

The serpent was spotted last Friday evening

Do you own this snake found in a tree in Ballybrack?

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A veterinary hospital is playing foster home to a lost snake - after it was found up a tree in Ballybrack in south Dublin.

On Friday evening, a client of Bairbe O'Malley Veterinary Hospital spotted the adult albino corn snake up a tree, and subsequently alerted the hospital.

Registered Veterinary Nurse Leonie Sunderland told Newstalk that she estimates the snake is about 5 foot long, and is in good condition.

"What he was doing up a tree in Ballybrack, we're not sure," she said. "Given that we haven't ehard anything from any worried owner, he may also have been abandoned."

The practice have put a call out on social media to locate the owner, or alternatively a new owner.

"He's a fabulous snake," she continued. "We'd like somebody who has experience with reptiles. They're not a particularly easy pet to have. They need a lot of specific care - heat, temperature and humidity are really important to these guys.

"He's in great condition, so we need someone who knows what he's doing with him."

If you would like more information, contact the hospital on 01-2723857. Please note proof of ownership will be required.