'Do not drink, Do not wash' water warning for parts of Co Meath

Elevated chlorine levels have been detected in several areas

'Do not drink, Do not wash' water warning for parts of Co Meath

A water glass is filled with drinking water from a home water pipe | Image: Roland Weihrauch/DPA/PA Images

Updated: 19.20

A hotel in Co Meath has offered its shower facilities to people affected by a 'Do not drink, Do not wash' water notice.

Irish Water says customers should not drink, use for food preparation or wash in the affected areas.

These are: Kilcloon, Moygaddy, Killeany, Kilgraigue, Harristown, Brownstown, Ballynare, Butlerstown, Staffordstown, Brownrath, Blackhall Little, Waynestown, Harlockstown and Ballymacoll.

It says elevated chlorine levels have been detected in these areas.

While Dunboyne Castle Hotel is offering showers to those affected up to 8.00pm on Wednesday and from 6.30am on Thursday morning.

Irish Water says the mechanical issue that caused the chlorine levels to increase has been resolved, and they are carrying out a programme of flushing on the network to return the chlorine levels to the correct drinking water standards.

It says: "Customers must not drink the water or wash in the water until further notice but we expect that the issue will be resolved later on Wednesday night.

A map of the affected areas | Image: Irish Water

"Customers are advised to draw down water from attic/storage tank, customers should flush toilets or run bathroom taps intermittently, as tanks refill chlorine levels in storage tank will return to normal."

People in the affected areas are being advised to not use tap water until further notice except for flushing toilets and flushing of internal house plumbing systems.

Bottled water is available for collection from the Kilcloon Church and Kilcloon School.

Manned water tankers will remain in place until Thursday afternoon.

Irish Water has apologised for the inconvenience caused and thanked customers for their patience.

More information and additional advice can be found on Irish Water's 24-hour customer care line at 1850-278-278.