Late-night negotiations continuing between Fine Gael and Independents

Dáil to vote for Taoiseach in special sitting tomorrow at noon

Late-night negotiations continuing between Fine Gael and Independents

Niall Carson / PA

Enda Kenny is to be re-elected Taoiseach tomorrow at midday - 70 days after the people voted in the general election.

Late-night negotiations are continuing between Fine Gael and Independents. They have been examining a Programme for Government details of which have been leaking out to the media.

Housing and homelessness takes up a significant chunk with a new minister in this area and a promise to end the use of hotels and B&B's for families with another 500 "quick build" homes.

An examination of how credit unions could fund social housing will take place, and 18,000 of the already promised 35,000 social housing units are to be delivered by the end of 2017.

New legislation forcing banks to introduce split mortgages for some people is also promised.

On health an extra 10,000 medical cards are to be given to children.

A citizen's convention on how to deal with the eighth amendment is included.

The roads budget will be increased by up to 50 percent, while several Garda stations closed by previous Governments are to be re-opened.

Just before 4:30pm Chief Whip Paul Kehoe set the vote for Taoiseach for tomorrow: And so 70 days after the people voted, refusing to re-elect the outgoing Government, Enda Kenny is set to be re-elected Taoiseach - the first time a Fine Gael leader will serve consecutive terms in the office.