Digital artist uses police software to create sketches of literary characters

Brian J. Davis's work is collected in a Tumblr called 'The Composites'

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The artist's impression of 'Hunger Games' heroine Katniss Everdeen and Jennifer Lawrence in the movie [Imgur]

When it comes to turning classic works of literature into live-action movies, one of the biggest hurdles filmmakers have to overcome is getting around the mind's eye. Readers, who've spent days in the very personal company of literary hero or heroine, build up their own impression of what every character and setting look like. These preconceptions mean that a casting decision can be met with celebration or derision.

Brian J Davis, a digital artist based in Brooklyn, New York, has used "commercially available law-enforcement software" to create a Tumblr account dedicated to sketching literary characters based on their descriptions in the novels in which they feature.

Some of them show that when it came to the film adaptation, some of the casting directors really hit the nail on the head. Others... you'd probably rather never have seen in the first place. 

You can see many more over on Davis' The Composites, along with the literary passages that shaped how he came to draw the characters, here. And you can see some of them beside their movie alternatives in the gallery below:

Police sketches of literary characters based on their book descriptions

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