Dart drivers threaten strike after string of attacks on trains

Driver say travelling north of Connolly after 7pm on a Friday is like "heading into bandit country"

Dart drivers threaten strike after string of attacks on trains

Photo: Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie

Dart drivers have threatened to strike over a string of attacks on trains, including the hijacking of a carriage last month.

They say they don't want to operate services north of Connolly after 7pm on a Friday because it's like "heading into bandit country."

The Herald reports that drivers believe security staff can't cope with the number of attacks on the line - including a train being hijacked at Clongriffin last month.

Meanwhile, passengers were stuck on a train for 90 minutes at Portmarnock last Friday night after leaving the Liam Gallagher concert in Malahide.

The delay was reportedly due to a fight breaking out and a driver being intimidated.

On the Pat Kenny Show this morning, spokesperson Barry Kenny said the company is beefing up security to deal with any cases of criminality and anti social behaviour.

The company is also expanding its remote monitoring centre.

Security staff

Mr Kenny said the service has already singled out stations that require dedicated security staff.

“The nature of the transport is that it is mobile,” he said.

“The issue then can turn up at one place or the other.

“But we ourselves will have dedicated security in certain locations. We won’t be naming them specifically but also the Gardaí as part of that summer arrangement that we have in place, that we review all the time, will be responding to that too.”


He said the company is engaging with drivers on the issue to ensure they have confidence in the safety of the environment for both passengers and staff.

“Obviously drivers have indicated that, if there are concerns, there is the possibility of impacting on services.

“But we are confident that the measures we are putting in place will address those concerns and there won’t be an impact on services as a result.”