MEP says delay in forming government would create "international concerns and worries"

Brian Hayes says the election result for Fine Gael was "remarkable"

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MEP Brian Hayes | Image: Flickr

A Fine Gael MEP says long delays in forming a government will create "international concerns" for Ireland.

Brian Hayes, who was Director of Elections for the party in the general election, has also defended his party's performance in the campaign.

He says the achievement of his party in terms of votes was "remarkable" given the circumstances.

The party secured 50 seats - but this is far removed from the numbers needed to form a government.

The 32nd Dáil will meet for the first time tomorrow, following days of possible coalition talks between parties.

It comes as the Finance Minister Michael Noonan said Monday that negotiations with Fianna Fáil would start after the Dáil meets.

This is something that Transport Minister Paschal Donohoe told Newstalk Lunchtime yesterday he would prefer not to see happen.

While speaking at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Brian Hayes says an independent assessment of Fine Gael's electoral performance may be needed.

But he also hopes a government will come out of the results sooner rather than later.