Current Government the most arrogant in history of state - Martin

He also warned of a "hysterical negative backlash" from Fine Gael and Labour next week

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Micheal Martin making his leaders address to delegates at the end of the Fianna Fail Ard Fheis | Image:

The Fianna Fáil Leader says the current Government is the most arrogant in the history of the State.

Micheál Martin has accused Fine Gael and Labour of abandoning the less well-off and introducing polices that benefitted the rich only.

He made his remarks at a Fianna Fáil Rally in Castlebar last night.

Micheál Martin said this Government is taking credit for creating jobs which, he says, were actually generated by Irish men and women.

He also warned the electorate to be on guard for what he calls an "hysterical negative backlash" from Labour and Fine Gael next week.

Martin said the Governments efforts so far to damage Fianna Fáil have failed, and that it is Enda Kenny and Joan Burton who will get an angry backlash next Friday:

He also called on Taoiseach Enda Kenny to clarify what a potential 'Brexit' would mean for Irish people living in the UK.