Court rules former Sinn Féin councillor threatened torture victim with IRA claims

Jonathan Dowdall will be sentenced tomorrow

A former Sinn Féin Councillor will be sentenced tomorrow for false imprisonment after a court ruled today on some disputed evidence.

A special hearing was held after Jonathan Dowdall and his father Patrick contested some of the claims made by a man they tied up and interrogated.

The court was previously shown video footage of Alex Hurley being water boarded in Jonathan Dowdall’s garage in January 2015.

Sentencing of the Dowdalls was postponed when the court heard they didn't accept many of their victim’s claims.

Both he and his father Patrick pleaded guilty to false and imprisonment and threatening to kill the convicted fraudster.

A so-called Newton hearing over the disputed evidence took place this morning with both accused and their victim called to give their versions.

The court accepted Jonathan hadn’t made the call to Mr. Hurley on the day in question but believed he did invite him to his house.

Ms. Justice Isobel Kennedy said the court believed he was in the house for approximately two hours and that Jonathan had claimed to be the head of the IRA and threatened his family – contrary to the evidence given by the Dowdalls.

Now that the issues have been resolved, Ms. J Kennedy said the court will be in a position to hand down sentences tomorrow afternoon.