Councillor accuses HSE of discriminating against disabled residents of Clondalkin

Sinn Féin Councillor, Mark Ward said disabled residents of council homes in Clondalkin are being treated differently than residents in other areas of the city

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A Sinn Féin councillor has accused the HSE of discriminating against disabled residents in the Clondalkin and Lucan area.

Councillor Mark Ward said the HSE are refusing to provide Occupational Therapy (OT) reports to residents living in council housing in the area - even though they provide them in other parts of Dublin.

The reports are required in order to apply for the disabled persons grant.

He said South Dublin County Council used to cover the cost of the reports for residents in Clondalkin - however the practice changed last year and residents are now being referred to the HSE.

“When Clondalkin council tenants applied to the HSE they were told that the HSE did not have enough staff to provide the OT reports and referred them back to the Council,” he said.

He said the HSE is still providing the reports to residents in other parts of the city.

 “I find that the fact that all residents of South Dublin County Council are not treated the same absurd,” he said.

“Basically someone living in Tallaght has enhanced services compared to someone living in Clondalkin.

“An OT report can cost anything up to €300 and some Clondalkin residents are left without the required modification to their homes.”

He said the HSE undertook to investigate the matter at a recent South Dublin County Council meeting - however, there has been no response in the weeks since.

Mr Ward is calling on the council to reinstate the funding “on an interim basis” until the matter is resolved with the HSE “so that all council tenants in South Dublin are treated equally.”

“This service should be provided by need and not by post code,” he said.

The HSE has been contacted for comment on the issue.