Council seek to buy Tyrrelstown houses after dozens of residents served notice

An investment fund is planning to sell the houses over the next four years

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The Cruise Park housing estate in Tyrellstown. Image:

Fingal Country Council are investigating the possibility of buying some of the houses in the Tyrrelstown estate where more than 100 families face eviction.

The families say they have nowhere else to go, after being told their tenancies will not be renewed.

Loans associated with the properties have been sold to an investment fund, which is planning to sell them over the next four years.

A spokesperson for Fingal County Council has said they have had talks with the developer over the possibility of purchasing some of the houses however they did not provide any further detail.

Residents staged a protest outside the Dáil yesterday demanding government action. The Tyrrelstown Tenants Action Group called for the withdrawal of the eviction notices they were issued in the past few weeks.

Residents stage protest outside the Dáil Credit:

The matter was later raised during a debate on housing and homelessness in the Dáil.

Speaking at the protest yesterday resident Damien Moore said he cannot find affordable housing in the Dublin 15 area where they have to stay because of his son's medical needs.

“My four-year-old is diagnosed with autism. If we move out of Dublin 15 his [medical] card will go. He won't be looked after no more, he'll be put on the bottom of the list. So we have to stay in Dublin 15. But, as everyone knows, there's no housing."

Damien’s partner, Gillian Murphy, had an emotional message for politicians: “Help us. Don't make us homeless. There's too many families homeless in Dublin. They have the money to help us, just please help us.”

Another resident, Funke Tabun, explained why she wants to stay in her home. “The children go to the local school. We have been in that house for eight and a half years and I’ve lived in Tyrrelstown for thirteen and a half years. It's a beautiful community, it's a multicultural community, and the children know their way around.”