Cork councillors seek return of dead horse from UK

Local historians believe Marengo was reared in Cork

Cork councillors seek return of dead horse from UK

The skeleton of Marengo | Image: National Army Museum

Local councillors in Cork are demanding the return of a dead horse.

Kanturk-Mallow Municipal District Council want a UK museum to give back the skeleton of Marengo - a horse once owned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

Local historians believe the horse was reared in Cork and sold in Buttevant.

The skeleton of Marengo is due to go on display at the National Army Museum in London later this year.

But councillors say the horse should be brought home to Buttevant.

They voted on Friday to write to the National Army Museum in London, seeking the return of the skeleton.

Marengo was an Arab horse with a light grey coat, standing just over 14 hands high.

He was purchased by Napoleon after the Battle of Aboukir in 1799, and named after the French victory at Marengo in 1800.

Napoleon was a giant of world history, having contributed greatly to the reshaping of Europe.

But his attempt to dominate Europe by force failed and he surrendered to the Allies after the French defeat at Waterloo on June 18th 1815.

Marengo passed into British hands when Napoleon was sent into exile.

The famous horse died in 1831 and the skeleton was preserved and later passed to the Royal United Services Institute.

Additional reporting: Jack Quann