Corbett trial hears killing was carried out in complete silence

Thomas and Molly Martens are accused of bludgeoning the Limerick man

Corbett trial hears killing was carried out in complete silence

Undated file photo of Jason Corbett

The man accused of murdering Jason Corbett has told the court his death took place in total silence.

Thomas Martens, along with his daughter Molly Martens, is accused of bludgeoning the Limerick man with a baseball bat while he slept in his home in North Carolina.

The case is now drawing to a close.

It has also heard that the pair delayed making a 911 call and pretended to carry out CPR.

Molly Martens and her father Thomas Martens deny the charge of second degree murder, claiming Mr Corbett had attacked and threatened to kill her.

They claim they acted in self defence.

Catherine Fegan of the Irish Daily Mail has been listening to Mr Marten's evidence in court.

"During the frenzied battle for life in the master bedroom, neither himself his daughter or Jason Corbett uttered a word - that there was complete silence. And that his wife, Sharon Martens, who was still in the downstairs basement bedroom never came upstairs, never called 911 or never shouted out", she said.

"The prosecution went into detail about Mr Marten's FBI training, his initial training in the use of force.

"He admitted that he had extensive training in the use of force - in particular he had self-defence training and excessive force training.

"He had had baton training and he admitted that...a baton would be similar to a baseball bat.

"And he was asked to identify which part of the body should be struck to bring a man down - and he said that this could either be the ankle, the knees or the kidneys.

"But he argued that he couldn't do this with Jason Corbett because Mr Corbett had his daughter in a choke hold and he had to strike Mr Corbett on the head to bring him down, as he said".