Clare Daly and Mick Wallace call for referendum to guarantee Ireland's neutrality

A poll carried out by Red C shows 57% of adults support a referendum which would put a clause on neutrality into the constitution

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A new poll has shown that more than half of people would like to see Ireland's neutrality enshrined in the Constitution.

A Red C poll of 1,008 adults was commissioned by Independent TDs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace. The TDs are calling for a referendum to guarantee Ireland remains neutral.

57% of respondents to the poll were in favour of constitutional protection of neutrality. Red C says "while the country is in favour of a change, it is not overwhelmingly in favour".

The poll found support for neutrality is evenly spread across demographics, although a higher level of support was measured in female respondents and people aged between 45 and 54.

Another poll question asked if the Government should allow Shannon Airport to be used for military transport purposes. 55% of respondents said it should not.

Speaking about the findings, Deputy Daly says Ireland should not worry about the potential business impact of losing US planes in Shannon:

Both TDs were arrested and quickly released last year for non-payment of fines for breaching security at Shannon Airport in 2014.

They have vowed to continue protests against US military use of the airport.