Citizens' Assembly gathers for final meetings

The 99 members will discuss the "challenges and opportunities" of Ireland's ageing population

The Citizens' Assembly is meeting in Dublin this weekend for final discussions on how to respond to “the challenges and opportunities” of Ireland's ageing population.

A range of expert speakers will today consider topics including why people aren't taking out pensions and income opportunities for people in retirement.

The Assembly will vote by secret ballot tomorrow on a series of recommendations, which will form the basis of a report for the Oireachtas.

In June, members decided on what aspects of the topic they would like to consider and a work programme has been developed to reflect this.

This afternoon, there will be speakers from the Pensions Authority of Ireland, ESRI, Age Action Ireland, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and Age and Opportunity.

There will also be a number of academic speakers.

The Human Rights Commissioner Emily Logan will give a paper on the human rights and equality aspects of pensions, income and retirement.

The proceedings can be watched live on the internet at