Parents reminded to make sure children are safe as weather heats up

Irish Water Safety has launched an information leaflet

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As temperatures are set to touch on 30 degrees later this week, parents are being reminded to be vigilant with small children around water.

Baby and toddler swim school, Water Babies, says 37 children aged 14 and under have died in Ireland as a result of drowning over the past ten years.

Carol McNally of Water Babies said: "We believe that babies should be introduced to the water as early as possible, so they are less likely to experience fear if they do fall in."

"In most cases it's the shock of sudden submersion that causes children to panic," she says.

"Swimming lessons can take place from birth, our youngest swimmer was only one day old, and over the last few years a dozen of our pupils have saved themselves from drowning."

It is advising parents to keep an eye on their children at all times, as they can be easily distracted chatting to other parents, reading a newspaper or talking on the phone.

It says supervising adults should be in arms reach of children under five, and that if leaving - even momentarily - to take your child with you.

While Irish Water Safety have launched an information leaflet - "Know What You're Getting Into":

Image: Facebook/Irish Water Safety