Cher-backed climate change bill passes in the Dáil

The star gave her support to the Climate Emergency bill on Twitter

Cher-backed climate change bill passes in the Dáil

Singer Cher performs live on stage at Wembley Arena in north London, 21-05-2004. Image: Yui Mok/PA Archive/PA Images

Updated: 18.35

A climate change bill supported by US singer and actress Cher has passed in the Dáil.

The People Before Profit bill would stop the Government issuing any new contracts to drill for fossil fuels.

Earlier, Cher tweeted her support of the bill after it was sent to her by Green Party member Sinéad Mercier.

Asked to support it, she said 'Hell To The Yes'.

It was passed in the Dáil to be further considered after a vote on Thursday afternoon.

The legislation notes the ‘climate emergency’ facing the planet and puts forward the ban on licences as an emergency measure to address the high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said: “It is shaping up to be a truly historic day for environmentalism in Ireland.

“The tide has turned on fossil fuels, and there is widespread political support now for a just transition to renewable power.

He warned that 80% of known fossil fuels will have to be left in the ground in order to keep global temperature rises below the 2C threshold.

People Before Profit have said the legislation represents the "logical next step" in Ireland's transition towards clean, renewable energy following the success of the anti-fracking and divestment bills.

The party said the bill will protect the Irish fishing industry and “allow us to stand in solidarity with the world's poorest people who are already feeling the devastating effects of climate change.”