Channel 4 reportedly bringing back 'The Crystal Maze' in October

Coming back for a celebrity special, Mumsie's the word on whether or not the show will get a full series commission

Crystal Maze, Richard O'Brien

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In exciting news for Buckminster Fuller fans and people who love themed puzzles, British broadcaster Channel 4 is set to bring back its popular 1990s game show The Crystal Maze after it went off the air 21 years ago.

The independent commercial broadcaster has not committed to a new series, but is reportedly on the cusp of commissioning a one-off celebrity special episode for its October fundraising drive Stand Up to Cancer, a telethon event which encourages charitable donations to Cancer Research UK. But should the episode prove a ratings winner, a full series may be produced, The Sun claims.

The Crystal Maze debuted on Channel 4 in 1990, with its final episodes broadcast in 1995. The popular game show featured jump-suit wearing team members attempting to solve physical and mental challenges across four different zones in the hope of claiming a crystal. Each crystal equated to time spent in the final round, which saw them attempt to catch and sort foil tickets flying around a giant crystal dome.

The show was hosted by actor and Rocky Horror Picture Show-creator Richard O’Brien, whose brash dress sense and impassioned delivery of the phrase “Will you start the fans, please,” turned him into even more of a cult star than he already was. O’Brien’s asides to the camera while the contestants grappled with the games were not originally intended to be included in the programmes, but his attempts to make the camera and production crew laugh became an integral part of the show.

Ed Tudor-Pole, a musician and actor, replaced O’Brien for the final two seasons of the show, but reports claim Channel 4 is tapping Doctor Who and Jessica Jones star David Tennant to host the celebrity special.

Despite coming to an end in 1995, The Crystal Maze has been often repeated on game show channels on satellite television and proven to be an enduring hit. Its popularity also saw The Crystal Maze Experience open in London, which allows paying visitors to take part in a simulation of the game.

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