Canadian ambassador apprehends protester during 1916 commemoration

Kevin Vickers was a police Chief Superintendent in Canada

Canadian ambassador to Ireland, Dublin, protestor, disruption, 1916, Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Kevin Vickers

A protester (right) being apprehended by Ambassador Kevin Vickers | Image:

The Canadian ambassador to Ireland is getting global coverage after apprehending a protester during a State commemoration remembering 1916.

The man began disrupting an event in Dublin to remember British soldiers who died during the Easter Rising.

The ceremony took place in Grangegorman Military Cemetery, where many of the soldiers are buried.

The male protester stood up during a wreath laying ceremony, before reportedly shouting "This is an insult" to the assembled crowd.

But Ambassador Kevin Vickers, who is a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), reacted swiftly.

He tackled the man and physically moved him away.

And international media is taking note.

Canada's CBC News tweets: "Canada's 'AmBadAssador' to Ireland receives mixed reaction after tussle with protester".

While The Guardian says the protester was wearing a t-shirt in support of the Craigavon Two - two men from Armagh who are currently serving life sentences for the Continuity IRA murder of police constable Stephen Carroll in 2009.

The Belfast Telegraph says Mr Vickers was "the first to react" when the protester interrupted the event.

And Britain's ITV News says Mr Vickers "proved his mettle once more". 

He famously shot dead a gunman who rampaged through the Canadian parliament building in 2014.