Campaign highlights beautiful rescue dogs "constantly overlooked" for homes

They say it's a dog's life - but it can been rough for some

Campaign highlights beautiful rescue dogs "constantly overlooked" for homes

The "exceptionally smart, handsome and debonair" Oscar. Image: Dog's Trust Ireland

A new campaign from Dogs Trust Ireland is highlighting some of the beautiful dogs who have spent years waiting for their new best friend.

The dog welfare charity has said some of its rescued residents just can't find a home "through no fault of their own."

Sometimes they may have had a tough start in life, meaning they need a little extra love and attention while other dogs can be unfairly judged based on breed.

Staff at the centre have even noted that black dogs are sometimes overlooked because they don't stand out as much as lighter breeds.

The UnderDogs

All of the "UnderDogs" included in the campaign have been at the charity's centre in Finglas for at least six months.

The centre's longest resident Buddy has been overlooked over 34,000 times - and is still looking for a home.

Buddy has been overlooked over 34,000 times. Image: Dogs Trust Ireland

Suzie Carley, Executive Director at Dogs Trust said they want to find a home for these "incredible characters" as soon as possible.

She observed: "We cannot understand why certain dogs just seem to get constantly overlooked here at the centre so we want to show people how amazing they are."

The Trust has released a video as part of their Underdogs campaign to show just some of the dogs in need of a home: