CU in the what now? Australian tourism drive is not pussyfooting around

The slogan was launched by a guerilla marketing group, hoping to attract younger visitors to the Northern Territory

CU in the what now? Australian tourism drive is not pussyfooting around


Australia’s Northern Territory may not be the most culturally elite state, but an anyone who is familiar with the front page of its NT News daily paper will know, the people of Darwin and Alice Springs have always had a unique way with words. And now a new tourism slogan has grabbed the attention of Australians everywhere, raising eyebrows and attention with ‘CU in the NT’.

The slogan, created for a line of t-shirts, was not sanctioned by the territory’s official tourism board. Instead, it has been linked to a start-up named as NT Official. The slogan, which pokes fun at Australians’ more fluent usage of what is considered the most taboo word in the English language, also runs with the tagline “The top end. Different from the bottom end.”

The group’s social media accounts encourage visitors to comes to the Northern Territory, showcasing some of the natural wonders the NT has to offer.

“We are fronted by a guerrilla group of people with the aim of promoting travel awareness to the Northern Territory region,” a spokesperson for NT Official told Mashable. “We want people to recognise that if they want to go to the NT they shouldn’t hesitate. They should just go and tell their friends to ‘CU in the NT!’”

While the slogan has been embraced as tongue in cheek by social media users down under, it has not found favour with Tourism NT, the region’s state-sponsored tourism board. Suzanne Morgan, director of domestic marketing at Tourism NT, said that the official body was in “no way affiliated with the website or Facebook page of or any of their promotions.

“We will not be commenting on this activity,” she added.

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