Brussels citizens open their doors to strangers in aftermath of attacks

Taxi drivers have reportedly turned off their meters to help people get away from the airport

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Explosions rocked the Brussels airport and the subway system Tuesday, just days after the main suspect in the November Paris attacks was arrested in the city, police said. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

Across the Belgian capital today, taxi drivers have turned off their meters and citizens have opened their doors to each other to offer a safe haven while the Brussels authorities have locked down the city.

Much like the situation as it unfolded in Paris on November 13th last year, social media has played an important role for Bruxellois residents to check in and offer refuge to others. Amid the news of more than 30 deaths in attacks on Zaventem Airport and Maalbeek Metro Station, several trending hashtags have emerged on Twitter, inviting anyone unable to reach secure areas a place to take shelter.

"If you live near a train station, open your door to people. Many are stuck far from where they live, without transport," wrote one user.

With buses and trains no longer running, Brussels taxi drivers are now helping stranded members of the public get away from the airport.

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