British astronaut Tim Peake dials wrong number... from space

An unsuspecting woman heard the greeting 'Hello, is this planet Earth?' when she answered the very long distance call

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Image: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire/Press Association Images

British astronaut Tim Peake gave an unsuspecting woman a shock after dialling the wrong number and saying: "Hello, is this planet Earth?"

Major Peake, who is spending six months on the International Space Station, has apologised and insisted it was not a prank call.

After the gaffe he tweeted:

The 43-year old British astronaut arrived on the ISS earlier this month, alongside two others from America and Russia.

They will participate in the 46th and 47th Expeditions on board the space station.

Tim has been tweeting pictures of the Earth from space, as well as photos of activities on board the ISS - including a spacewalk earlier this week.