Both sides ramp up campaigning ahead of next week's Eighth Amendment referendum

Together for Yes are urging people to plan polling day well in advance, while Renua Ireland is calling for a 'No' vote

Both sides ramp up campaigning ahead of next week's Eighth Amendment referendum

Picture by: Niall Carson/PA Wire/PA Images

The final week of campaigning has gotten under way ahead of next Friday's Eighth Amendment referendum. 

Both sides are ramping up their efforts to try and swing the vote their way.

This morning, Renua Ireland called for a No vote on the 25th.

They say more supports should be given to single mothers and pregnant women as an alternative to abortion

Spokesperson Jacqui Gilbourne says every life should be protected:

She said: "This baby is a human being, trying to protect itself - it is not a property, not a clump of sells, not a disconnected object to be killed."

Yes campaign

Together for Yes, meanwhile, held an event this morning urging people to plan their way to the polls.

They are launching an online tool early next week that will let people set reminders to travel.

At this morning's event, former Rose of Tralee contestant Brianna Parkins - who voiced her support for an Eighth Amendment referendum during the 2016 contest - said she hopes people will vote Yes.

The former Sydney Rose observed: "This vote will give women a choice. Whether you agree with abortion or you don't, this vote will give women the chance to decide for themselves.

"You don't have to get an abortion because you're voting for Yes - a Yes vote doesn't mean everybody has to get an abortion, it just means that those who want to can."

Both sides are hopeful they can swing the undecideds with just a week left until polling day.

Additional reporting by Stephen McNeice