'Babestation' changing number after Westport mix-up

Residents in Co Mayo have been receiving calls intended for the adult chatline

'Babestation' changing number after Westport mix-up

Westport. Image: RollingNews.ie

Babestation says it is changing its phone number after a mix up with Irish landlines.

The British chatline operates a premium rate phone service with the 0982 prefix for British callers.

However, if Irish callers forget to input the international dialing code, the number instead goes through to Westport.

The adult entertainment company says the numbers will now change, but it will take several hours to update its onscreen details.

However, the number should be fixed by tonight or tomorrow.

In a statement quoted by Independent.ie, the station said it had resolved an earlier problem after it was highlighted by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland - but is now changing its number as the 'issue persisted elsewhere'.

Babestation is sending three models to Westport today to apologise to residents over the issues.