Aubrey Plaza opens up as bisexual in new interview

The 'Parks and Recreation' star stated that she is open to relationships with both men and women

Aubrey plaza, LGBTQ,

Image: Jordan Strauss / AP/Press Association Images

Aubrey Plaza, who shot to fame in her role as April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation, has opened up about her sexuality in a new interview. 

Speaking to The Advocate ahead of the release of her new movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Plaza stated that she is open to relationships with both men and women. 

Plaza stated that she is approached by women, and that "I don’t mind. I know I have an androgynous thing going on, and there’s something masculine about my energy. Girls are into me — that’s no secret. Hey, I’m into them too. I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it."

She also added that her family have "always been very open" and she was never afraid to embrace or express her sexuality.  

"I have a gay aunt and a gay uncle, and I grew up thinking that everyone had a gay aunt or uncle. My younger sister is a lesbian, so it’s just in my blood, I guess. She came out to me when she was 17 or 18, and for, like, a millisecond I was surprised. Then I replayed our entire life in my mind, and I was like, 'Of course! Of course I know that!'."

Plaza, who also voiced one of the internet's most beloved characters in the form of Grumpy Cat, stated that "Grumpy Cat is definitely gay. And people just need to deal with it."

Via Advocate