At least 24 dead after wall collapse at Indian wedding party

Hundreds of guests were attending the wedding in Bharatpur when the incident happened

At least 24 dead after wall collapse at Indian wedding party

Image: Google Maps

At least 24 people have been killed after a wall collapsed during a wedding party in western India.

Hundreds of guests had been at the wedding in Bharatpur, a district of Rajasthan state, on Wednesday evening local time.

Bharatpur is around 200 km south of New Delhi.

The guests were having dinner on outdoor lawns when they were forced inside by a dust storm.

It was while they were sheltering that the wall - 32 metres long and just under four metres high - collapsed, according to Bharatpur district magistrate Narendra Kumar Gupta.

Mr Gupta said one of the managers of the banquet hall had been taken into custody.

He added: "We will investigate if the hall owners had a valid licence. In case they did not have a licence, appropriate action will be taken against them."

There were also 26 people injured, 15 of them seriously, with rescue efforts made more difficult because of a power cut.

A rescuer told India TV news they had "worked through the night".

He added: "We tried to rescue as many people as possible, the scene was horrific."

Four children were among those killed, according to the Times of India.

Building collapses are quite common in India, where soft laws and high demand for housing encourage shoddy building practices.

In 2013, an illegal building in Mumbai caved in, killing 74 people.