Is the media any good?

Sarah talks with a panel about the role and place of the media today

The banking inquiry has concluded that a wide range of actors from bankers to regulators to politicians and international institutions each contributed to the financial collapse. But what part was played by the media? Did the media simply reflect a society caught up in a property bubble or were they complicit in misleading the public due to group thin and incompetence. And given its failure to call the bubble, can we trust the media today?

This week's panellists are,

Dr. Julien Mercille, from UCD and author of The Political Economy and Media Coverage of the European Economic Crisis: The Case of Ireland.

Dan O’Brien, is Chief economist at the Institute of International and European Affairs and columnist with Independent newspapers

Eamon Delaney, is of the Hibernia Forum and columnist with a number of papers including the Irish Independent, Sunday Business Post and Daily Mail

Guy Rolnik, founder of the Israeli media organizations TheMarker