Apple cuts Republican Convention supports - but Facebook and Google will still help

The tech firm is reported to be trying to distance itself from some of Donald Trump's controversial comments...

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John Locher / AP

Apple has told republican leaders that it will not provide any funding or support for the party's 2016 Convention as a result of comments made by Donald Trump regarding women, immigrants, and minorities.

The company has provided support in the past - Microsoft, Facebook and Google will continue to offer devices and services to the event which will take place in Cleveland in July.

Its stance was communicated privately to Republican representatives according to Politico, it cites Apple sources.

This stand comes after Trump took broad swipes at Silicon Valley and specifically called for a boycott of the Californian firm's devices.

"Boycott all Apple products until such time as Apple gives cell phone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal," he tweeted in January, referring to its standoff with the FBI over the unlocking of the phone of the gunman who shot 14 people in San Bernardino last year.

He criticised the company's CEO Tim Cook's personal stance on encryption.

Mr Trump also told a rally, "We're gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries."

The US political blog reports that the move hopes to distance Apple from the politician's policies towards migrants as it tries to attract skilled foreign workers.

Controversies regarding comments that the presidential hopeful has made about women and minorities are also reported to have influenced the decision.

Apple provided technology and services worth $140,000 to both the Republican and Democratic Parties in 2008 and offered products to both parties in 2012.

It is unclear if products or services will be offered to the Democratic Party's conference.

Neither the Trump campaign or Apple have offered any comment, while the Republican party said, "We are working with a variety of major tech partners who are focused on being part of the American political process."

Microsoft will offer computers and software support, Facebook has offered "financial and other support" while Google will also have a presence at the convention.