Anti-Brexit protests take place at borders

Groups are seeking reassurance that the UK leaving Europe won't affect trade

Protesters against Brexit are gathering at key border crossings - the latest to be organised by the Border Communities Against Brexit Group.
Rallies are being held at Bridgend, Moybridge, Aughnacloy and Lifford bridge. A go slow vehicle demonstration is also taking place on the Down-Louth border.


Speaking to Q Radio, Liam Gallagher from Derry Trades Union Council said there needs to be reassurance for workers.

"What they're looking for is some form of certainty", he said. "What we have at the minute are all sorts of political opinions, all sorts of predictions. They need some form of guarantee that trade will not be affected.

In a statement, MEP Matt Carthy said he is supporting the demonstrators.

"The very last thing we need to see is the re-emergence of border controls, customs posts and all the paraphernalia of Partition which had been banished with the peace process.

"The uncertainty which is already damaging trade and investment and impacting on cross-border business will be as nothing compared to the hardships which will ensue with the imposition of tariffs and the restriction of the free movement of goods, services and people on this island."

He also criticised Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s rejection of the proposition that the North be afforded a special designated status within the EU, calling it a "huge mistake".

"Without such a designation, a hardening of the border is inevitable."