Anti Austerity Alliance changing its name to 'Solidarity'

The change of name is intended to reflect the ongoing social campaigns the party is mounting

Anti Austerity Alliance changing its name to 'Solidarity'

Image: Sean Defoe

The Anti Austerity Alliance is changing its name to 'Solidarity', the party announced today.

Members say the change of name reflects the ongoing social campaigns they are mounting - such as efforts to repeal the 8th Amendment.

AAA is known for its close political ties with the People Before Profit Alliance - and the group is formally registered as the 'Anti Austerity Alliance - People Before Profit' party.

In the Dáil and any future elections, the left-wing alliance will now instead be grouped as 'Solidarity - People Before Profit'.

Solidarity currently has three TDs in the Dáil - Ruth Coppinger, Mick Barry and Paul Murphy - as well as a dozen local councillors in local authorities in Cork, Dublin and Limerick.

Fine Gael TDs have been criticizing the name - with Leo Varadkar says the change sounds like surrender.

The newly-named party denies that - adding it was about putting more of a focus on the social issues they campaign on.

TD Ruth Coppinger says criticism is a bit rich coming from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

"[Those] names mean absolutely nothing to ordinary people," she suggested.

Deputy Coppinger also explained the motivation behind the name change, observing: "The AAA has played a key role in campaigns like the water charges and housing. Solidarity will continue to do so but the name will now better reflect our campaigning work on Repeal, LGBTQ issues and equality generally. 

"Austerity is now the permanent policy of capitalism, driving a race to the bottom in wages, cuts to services and lack of public housing. Solidarity will give voice to the new mood of confidence of working class people, women and young people, now going on the offensive to win improvements in their lives," she added.