Anglo trial jury suspend deliberations after juror falls ill

Four men are accused of conspiring to defraud

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The jury in the trial of four former bank executives accused of conspiring to defraud has suspended its deliberations after a juror became ill this morning.

The four accused are: Denis Casey and Peter Fitzpatrick - formerly of Irish Life & Permanent, and former Anglo bankers Willie McAteer and John Bowe.

Each of the men have denied being part of a dishonest scheme to mislead the public into thinking Anglo Irish Bank was €7.2bn healthier than it was.

The alleged conspiracy is said to have taken place between the two banks on various dates between March and September 2008.

Before being sent out to begin their deliberations last week, the jurors were asked to consider the scheme first.

They were told to only look at the State's case against the former bankers if they are satisfied the scheme was in fact dishonest.

They were also asked to look at each case individually and without prejudice.

They resumed their deliberations this morning with 13 hours already on the clock - but were forced to call it a day when one of the jurors became unwell.

They are due to return to the jury room tomorrow morning.