Argos becomes latest retailer to pull hoverboards from shelves

Online retailer Amazon has also pulled the gadgets from sale

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Elaine Thompson / AP

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission says there is an onus on retailers and importers to ensure that the products they sell meet Irish safety standards.

Argos has confirmed it has 'temporarily withdrawn' the sale of hoverboards while it carries out additional testing to ensure all products meet safety standards.

The retailer says due to concerns - raised by Trading Standards - it has decided to undertake additional testing on the 'Nevaboard' product, which it sells exclusively in Ireland.

Feral O’Leary, the Director of Communications and Consumer Help at the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CPA), said that while the CPA are trying to get the products out of shops, consumers still need to be sure they are satisfied that whatever they bring into their homes is safe.

“We’re doing everything we can to take as many of these off the market as possible,” Mr O’Leary said.

“But some of them will inevitably get through and that’s where consumers need to be on their guard, and they need to make sure that what they’re bringing into their homes they’re satisfied that it’s safe,” he added.

Argos has become the latest retailer to pull hoverboards from their shelves. It says it has temporarily withdrawn them from sale in both its Irish and British stores.

"Due to concerns raised by Trading Standards in relation to ‘hover’ boards from a range of manufacturing sources, we have decided to undertake additional testing on our Nevaboard product, which we sell exclusively in the Republic of Ireland", it says in a statement.

"While we undertake these checks, we have temporarily withdrawn the Nevaboard from sale".

"Should any customer be concerned about their product, they can return it to their nearest Argos store for a full refund", it adds.

While John Lewis say they are recalling the hoverboard-branded Selfy Stick Air Runner "as a precautionary measure".

"We have sold less than 350 units of this product, which has not been on sale since 3rd December, and we have had no reported issues", the retailer says.

"We have taken this decision whilst we carry out an additional level of due diligence and testing of this product, as the safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority".

John Lewis is advising customers not to use the Selfy Stick Air Runner, but to return it to their shops for a full refund.

It comes after online retailer Amazon told customers who bought hoverboards to throw them away over safety fears.

It comes just days after the site appeared to have stopped selling the must-have Christmas gadget amid reports of some models exploding or catching fire.

In an email sent to customers who bought hoverboards with "non-compliant UK plugs", the firm said to "dispose of this soon as possible".

The email added: "We regret the inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that your safety and satisfaction is our highest priority."

It also said full refunds would be made to those people affected.

A second email was sent to customers who had bought hoverboards with "rechargeable lithium ion batteries and plugs".

It contained tips and advice following similar fears over the safety of the gadgets.

There have been a number of incidents where hoverboards have reportedly caught fire.

And Smyths Toys say they have not sold any Balance Boards in Ireland.

It comes less than a month after 1,400 hoverboards were seized at Dublin Port.