'Of course I am his boss' - Joan Burton responds to Alan Kelly's interview

Mr Kelly told the Sunday Independent he was his own boss

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Labour Party leader Joan Burton and Environment Minster Alan Kelly | Image: RollingNews.ie

The Tánaiste Joan Burton has confirmed that she is Alan Kelly's boss, after comments the environment minister made in a weekend interview.

Mr Kelly told the Sunday Independent that he was his own boss, saying he did not see his relationship with Ms Burton that way.

"That's not the way we see our relationship. I mean she is the leader of the party and that's a very privileged and great position to be in and I really respect her for that" he told the paper.

"Ah sure, in politics you are your own boss really".

"I suppose I am very direct. I am very decisive...and I am in a hurry all the time. I am very quick to make my views known. I am very quick to say where something needs to go" said.

"Joan, is probably more reflective", he added.

But Minister Burton was very clear when asked by reporters if she was his boss.