AAA/PBP nominate Limerick Councillor Cian Prendiville as Seanad candidate

The 26-year-old says the housing crisis, water charges, low pay and inequality will be key issues if he is elected

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Paul Murphy and Cian Prendiville from AAA. Image:

The Anti-Austerity Alliance / People Before Profit group has nominated Limerick Councillor Cian Prendiville as a candidate for the Labour Panel in the upcoming Seanad election.

The 26-year-old is currently a member of Limerick City and County Council.

Speaking about his nomination, Councillor Prendiville said, “there are enough parties representing the super-rich, workers and young people need a voice of our own. The movement for marriage equality and against water charges have mobilised and energised huge layers of people".

He has also criticised the "extremely limited" electorate in Seanad elections, suggesting he "will stand up to the stale parties that have used the Seanad as a play thing and a rubber-stamp" if he wins a seat.

He adds that if elected he will fight on issues such as workers' rights, water charges and low pay.

Councillor Prendiville picked up 4,584 first preference votes in the recent general election, and was eliminated after the fourth count.

Former TD Joe Higgins has said he will campaign for the AAA/PBP candidate, saying he would "be an outstanding voice for workers and young people" in the Seanad.