A look back at the top tech from 2016

Now's a good a time as any to look back

2016 has been an incredibly busy year in the world of technology. We saw Apple vs the FBI, two new iPhones, Samsung’s hopes for their Note 7 go up and smoke and so much more. I’ve decided to do a rundown on my top five techie treats from 2016.

HUAWEI P9 - €479.99

This smartphone was my favourite from 2016. Why?

The technology inside is second to none. The dual cameras are incredible but the thing that makes it the best in my eyes is that it can pack a serious punch, without compromising on battery performance. It has the best battery of any smartphone I’ve reviewed this year 


A great man once said “I’ve fallen in love with a piece of technology”. I never really understood what that meant until I experienced virtual reality by Playstation.

I was nervous that VR was going to go down a purely novelty route, but that’s not the case. Gaming is huge to so many people and PlayStation's VR unit brings those gamers into the world of VR. Rather than being a “cool feature”, it actual transforms the experience. It’s without question the best VR experience I’ve tried.



It’s very difficult to find good on-ear headphones that aren’t ridiculously big, too heavy or cost the earth. These headphones are the best on-ears I’ve reviewed in the last year or so in terms of quality, sound and budget
Coming in at just under €80, they are affordable in comparison to many other on-offerings

They pair to your deivce via Bluetooth, meaning you’ve a wireless listening experience

Alba 10-inch 16GB tablet €93.74

This tablet is available at Argos and is one of the best budget products I’ve reviewed. It comes with a cover, meaning it’s the ideal tablet for kids, but also has tech inside that means it’s suitable to anyone

Here's the full spec:

  • 3GHz MediaTek mt8163 quad core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Android 5.1 operating system

Jam Classic Speaker €29.90 

This is an ideal stocking filler or treat to yourself!

This small speaker is smaller than a coffee mug, but produces incredible sound. It pairs to your device vice Bluetooth and despite its small size, delivers amazing quality sound.