A king that never was and The Story of the World

A look at some of the best new history books

What happened to Michael Davitt after the Land League? What was Ireland's realtionship with Nazi Germany like? And what do we really know about the myths and legends of ancient Ireland? On this month's Talking History books special Patrick Geoghegan talks with the authors of some fantastic new titles.

Opening the show is Matthew Lewis' biography of Richard, the 3rd Duke of York; a man who fathered kings and changed history, yet never sat a throne himself.

WB Bartlett then takes Patrick through The Story of the World before Eithne Massey devles into Ireland's rich tapestry of myths and legends.

Carla Kings explores the life of Michael Davitt after his work wiht the Land League before Mervyn O'Driscoll brings the show to a close with a look at Ireland's relationship with Nazi Germany.