7% of the Irish public want Trump in the White House

Would he get your vote?

7% of the Irish public want Trump in the White House

John Locher AP/Press Association Images

More and more Irish people have been tuning into US politics as the 2016 presidential election has captured the public's attention.

82% of us are following the US election - 69% of the Irish public are rooting for Hillary Clinton, while 7% want a Trump victory. Meanwhile, 25% would vote against both of the mainstream candidates.

Of those who are following the race, 55% say that they are paying more attention to it than they did to the 2008 race when Barrack Obama was returned for a second term. 7% say they are following it less closely.

Over half (57%) of us know the basics about what is happening, a quarter report that they know a lot, 14% know very little, and 4% know nothing according to iReach Insights' nationally representative survey of 1,000 adults.


As this saga comes to an end, the latest polls suggest that Clinton will edge out Trump.

In the Midwest, she is likely to take Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, plus Virginia and Colorado, which have lots of college-educated voters.

She is also likely to take a few of the close-call states, such as New Hampshire, North Carolina, Florida and Nevada. 

Latinos have been turning out in record numbers in early voting, indicating an advantage for Mrs Clinton in the likes of Nevada and Florida in particular.


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