Over one third of voters think a change of Government won't affect job growth

The Coalition's 'recovery' narrative has been the foundation of their campaign to get re-elected...

Over one third of voters think a change of Government won't affect job growth

Niall Carson / PA

A new survey has found that 36% of workers feel that a new Government will not have an impact on job creation in Ireland.

Only one fifth believe in any political party's job creation strategy - just over a quarter of them favour Fine Gael, Sinn Fein is the next most popular on 16%, with 12% supporting those of Fianna Fail and the Social Democrats and 8% backing Labour's policies.

The research, which was conducted for the recruitment website Irish jobs, found that 62% of respondents feel the Irish jobs market is improving.

The survey also found that 55% of job seekers are confident they will find a job, with 31% confident they will get work within three months. 60% of unemploted people said that they will not emigrate in search of a job.

Almost one third believe the Government should focus on creating jobs in the medical and health sector.

Just under two thousand seven hundred people were interviewed during the research.

General manager at IrishJobs.ie, Orla Moran commented on the research:

"While people’s levels of confidence in the ability of our political system to create employment varies, what cannot be refuted is the sustained growth we are seeing in the Irish economy which is very much evident in the continued increases in jobs advertised online."

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