Cocktails on The Tom Dunne Show : The Perfect Irish Coffee

Oisin Davis of Great Irish Beverages brings us another cocktail made from all Irish ingredients.

Oisin says ....

For all intents and purposes, the Irish Coffee is indeed, a cocktail. It's got a liquor along with three other ingredients and requires the bartender to have a certain skill set in order to successfully construct the drink itself. That makes it a cocktail and it happens to be an extremely popular one at that. In fact, it's actually one of the most commonly enjoyed cocktails on the planet. For me, this should mean that it should be the duty of every Irish citizen to make the perfect Irish coffee. And it should also be our duty to raise money for great charities wherever we can, so that is why I decided to work with the good folk over in Movember to bring you #IrishCoffeeDay on November 25th
Host a little Irish coffee gathering in your home or workplace on the day and donate what you can to a Movember team. Or if you operate a pub or restaurant, we're asking that you make a donation to a Movember Foundation Ireland team for every Irish coffee you sell on November 25th
Two fantastic blokes by the name of Billy Leighton & Nick Strangeway worked on the ideal recipe for a beautifully luscious, decadent Irish coffee. Billy is the master blender for Jameson and Nick is a mixology genius. This is what they came up for the Perfect Irish Coffee
35 ml Jameson Irish Whiskey 
90-100 ml of medium roast coffee 
1/2 teaspoon of demerara sugar 
1/2 teaspoon of muscovado sugar 
1 cinnamon stick or sliced vanilla pod 
1 teaspoon of hot water 
1 tablespoon of lightly whipped cream 
Heat a small hot whiskey glass with some boiling water then pour it out. Drop in the sugar and hot water, stir with the vanilla pod or cinnamon stick to get them to combine. Pour in the whiskey and stir it in. 
Pour in the coffee and stir before carefully ladling in the cream. Garnish with some freshly grated nutmeg. 

Oisin will be making the cocktail live on the Tom Dunne Show, tonight from 10pm