Special Report: Ireland's Abortion Journey on The Pat Kenny Show

This week The Pat Kenny Show features a special series of reports and discussions on abortion

Abortion is one of the country's most controversial and divisive issues - and repealing the 8th amendment is now firmly on the political agenda. Starting Wednesday December 2nd, The Pat Kenny Show looks at the various elements from the women who travel, to the clinicians who carry out terminations in the UK and whether or not there is the political will to hold a referendum.

Pat Kenny travelled to London and Manchester to gain an insight into the journey almost 4,000 Irish women take every year.

On Wednesday, Pat will report on the physical and emotional experience of the women who travel abroad for terminations. In addition, he visits one of the clinics who work with Irish women and hears their point of view.

"Clients have ranged in age from 13 to 51, been in or escaping abusive relationships, been pregnant as result of rape, had serious (but not life-threatening) medical conditions, happily married women or been told a wanted pregnancy wouldn’t survive. They only thing they have in commons is that they are pregnant and they don't want to be pregnant and they are poor and never thought in a hundred years they would be calling our help." - Mara Clarke, part-time manager at Abortion Support Network. Read her blog: Five reasons why I fund abortions for Irish women.

Thursday’s show will debate the topic with viewpoints from both pro-choice and pro-life while on Friday examine where Ireland stands on the issue of abortion from a medical, legal and political stance, ahead of the 2016 election.

  • Wednesday, 2nd December –A series of interviews with the people Irish women meet when travelling to have an abortion.
  • Thursday, 3rd December – The Debate –  Pat will host a debate on the issue between Pro Life and Pro Choice groups.
  • Friday, 4th December – Where Ireland stands? – The expert views from a legal, medical and political point of view.

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