Dubliner selling debut album door to door wins 35,000 fans with viral film

WATCH: Daniel Anderson who said he has "no money, no record deal and nowhere to sell it" about to make it big

A musician from Dublin says his new album is selling fast after he launched a unique sales pitch on the internet yesterday.

Daniel Anderson has spent the last two years recording his debut album Patterns in a studio he built for himself at the bottom of the garden of the house he lives in.

The album is ready for release on September 18th but the singer/songwriter says that because of the way the music industry has gone he has "No money, no record label and nowhere to sell it (because all the shops are closed)."

Anderson seems to have found the solution though, a video he uploaded to his Facebook page has reached 35,000 people and he will spend this morning doing interviews with radio stations interested in his bid.

His new idea? That "door to door sales will save the music industry".


The film of him in a Dublin neighbourhood standing on doorstep and chatting with people he wants to convince to buy his record has gone viral, and he is delighted with the reaction.

Photo: Daniel Anderson on Facebook

Last night Anderson posted a picture of the pile of records he has sold waiting to be dispatched.

"I am genuinely overwhelmed. Thank you all for buying the record. It has been a crazy day!!! I haven't even scratched the surface of the orders!!"